I’m back on twitter

Okay, we’ll give this another shot. I started on twitter in 2007, but dropped it as a time sink that didn’t have a high enough signal to noise ratio. I also figured that anyone who cared much about what I said was my friend on Facebook and would see notes there. So for the last several months, my twitter use was pretty much limited to following @kim_gandy and @cnnbrk on my phone (though it’s sometimes surprising to see what CNN thinks folks need to know RIGHT NOW.)

The Fem2.0 conference brought it back to my attention (though I still think scrolling the #fem2 tweets on the screen behind the panelists was more distracting than valuable, and the twitter based meetings were *really* low on signal to noise). Also that meeting helped put twitter on the AAUW radar, so there’s now an “official” @aauw twitter stream and a few of the staff chime in on their own. I’ve still no evidence that AAUW members in general are into twitter — I expect (as I found in 2007) that the number of AAUW twitterers compares to the number of AAUW Facebook users about the way twitter/facebook has penetrated the general population. That might be down from the 1:100 ratio to more like 1:30 — but with only on the order of 1000 folks on Facebook who identify with AAUW, I’m not convinced there’d be a big payoff for twitter. [But then, I remember crying as I was leaving the “younger members session” in Phoenix in 2007 — the panel said “use text messaging” but my note about twittering the convention was rejected as  inappropriate for the Convention Daily.]

We’ll see if I stick with it (and can control the time sink). Two new tools may help:

  • The Firefox add in Shareaholic. Almost a one-click tweet of an interesting link. Let me know if you find those annoying. I still do use del.icio.us for things of lasting value (particularly tag aauwtech).
  • Web interface tweetree.com. This is something like twitter.com on steroids —
    • gives additional info on links including showing  the media links as pix or videos,
    • has a box to do a search directly (instead of moving over to search.twitter.com),
    • shows (as best as it can figure) the original message when a friend posts an @reply,
    • supports retweet directly (without copy/paste),
    • and more.

I’m still being circumspect about following other folks – so don’t take it personally, just consider my borderline ADD and twitter @nes49 to get my attention (or, as my twitter profile still says, find me on Facebook).

AAUW Webmanagers’ 10th annivesary gathering

The AAUW webmanagers’ listserve was established after the 1999 convention (where I did a workshop with the first AAUW webmanager — see June 1999 entry.)

It looks as if this group will get together in St. Louis for lunch, on Friday, June 26.

For details, twitter to “d nes49” or check the Facebook group for the convention. We’d hope to be in the official program, but one never knows…

[This conflicts with the legacy circle lunch and the Patsy Mink documentary — but hopefully, this will all be ok.]

Transcript of #fem2 twittercast from 1/18

I’m not sure anyone’s interested in this, but since there’s a follow on discussion on Sunday night, I’m posting my version of the discussion of Sunday the 18th. To see how the program has actually been written up, see


Threaded discussion from #fem2 twittercast, 1/18/2009

This transcript attempts to reorder the tweets of the twittercast into threads. Apologies for any misunderstandings. For the raw data, go to search.twitter.com.

  • Fem2pt0 good evening, everyone! time to get this twittercast started: what issues should we cover at Fem2.0?
  • GloPan: Fair Pay, obviously. And healthcare, work-family balance, how women are depicted in the media…
    • nes49: Would case studies on how GloPan’s topics get pushed through web 2.0 channels be appropriate?
  • MadamaAmbi: if I were going to be in attendance, I would want to discuss how to make a movement 2.0
    • blogdiva @MadamaAmbi “how to make a movement” is really a good topic. i have no idea how that is “instigated” or if it can be, for that matter
    • Jillmz re: how to make a movement-it’s amazing the different ways that can happen-many routes to expression/activism, might depend on issue
  • ktdagroovecat: @fem2pt0 generational divide! says the resident fem2.0 millennial :)
  • Luci_Kali: perhaps what to anticipate in the 1st 100 days of Obama’s administration in regards to women’s rights, health
  • cameronreilly @blogdiva I launched a podcast about feminism last year but it didn’t catch up
  • Jillmz I’m interested in rules of engagement: how do we not talk past each other, as well as people w/whom we’re disagreeing on an issue
  • veronicaeye But do want to know what media topics peeps want coverd
    • nes49 @veronicaeye – media topics? would the (relatively) new “mom’s spaces” appearing on newspaper sites count? a venue for feminism?
  • MadamaAmbi @Fem2pt0 this is so important…I have much to say on this…
  • GloPan I am constantly amazed by how many women’s blogs and ventures there are on the Internet, all seemingly doing it on their own.
    • MadamaAmbi @GloPan yep…we need to unify in order to leverage our power
      • dianamarie @MadamaAmbi Excellent! Alliances must be formed across divdes to make a real difference for all women!
    • blogdiva @GloPan what do you mean by that? i mean, blogs were supposed to be about doing it on your own w/o corporate leashes
    • Jillmz I agree w/ @GloPan re: how many individual blogs/ventures; its independence that entices us to speak out, but how can we find others
    • GloPan Blogs should be independent, but single voices speaking on different things not as powerful as many speaking about 1 thing at once.
  • Jillmz I think Fem2pt0 is a great example of gravitating for better, more impact (we hope, right!?) but what else can we be doing?
  • FaithFeminism @Fem2pt0 What new (tech-y?) methods can we utilize to connect feminist leaders with “grassroots” activists?
  • Jillmz making alliances goes back to last week in that it can feel risky to step up when it might involve giving up some independence
  • MadamaAmbi I’m getting a little ahead of this convo, but we need a 5 yr plan & a 10 yr plan
  • blogdiva we also need to talk about money. raising money for this event has been like pulling teeth because people don’t want to fund feminists
  • GloPan Campaign idea: For one week, we all agree to reach out to 3 blogs a day and invite them to Fem2.0 site.
    • GloPan Of course, there needs to be more substance on issues on the Fem2.0 site.
    • HopeChat @GloPan good evening, I think that is a good idea
  • MadamaAmbi @blogdiva that’s why we need to workaround this reality and stream/video/webcam
    • GloPan @MadamaAmbi We are working on it – I think it’s going to happen, just can’t promise at this point.
    • blogdiva @MadamaAmbi i have to double check but am sure webcasting is being taken care of
  • MadamaAmbi can we talk about why ppl are afraid of feminists/feminism?
    • Tifanei @MadamaAmbi please do
    • Tifanei @MadamaAmbi I took a Gender & New Media class where we addressed this question. The answers were infuriating, but good lesson learned.
    • MadamaAmbi we’re in a double-bind as feminists. We are trying to take power without upsetting anyone…!!!…
      • GloPan @MadamaAmbi But there are also those who believe that upsetting people is the way to get people to pay attention.
      • GloPan I think the fearlessness about upsetting people is a part of the feminism brand that a lot of people don’t like.
        • MadamaAmbi @GloPan women being put in foreground is upsetting enuf! Don’t have to work at it,imo!
        • MadamaAmbi @GloPan agree! But I am fearless, that’s a fact. I have nothing to lose.
        • dianamarie @GloPan While fearlessness of upsetting people is ok for other activist causes it’s so “anti-woman” that with feminism it burns more.
          • GloPan @dianamarie So true. I worked on the breast implant issue for a while, and the derision over the feminist aspects of it totally GloPan ovrshadowed/buried the real threat to women’s health and their families’ economic security
          • MadamaAmbi @dianamarie you make a really important point…could be a topic all by itself…breaking the archetype open
      • Tifanei personally I am not trying to GET power I think I’m trying to stop people who think they can allocate my already established .
  • Jillmz so…there’s communication & engagement; participation & funding; issues – maybe those are general categories for topics?
  • ktdagroovecat re: topics: need to offer lessons on “online activism,” not just giving money, but using fb page as soapbox & being thought leader
  • GloPan How do we get the millions of women online to become activists? They have the opinions, but just are not connected to the issues.
    • Jillmz @GloPan that kind of thing has come up when issues involve mothers but the group has many women who are not mothers
      • blogdiva @Jillmz oh lord have mercy … that focusing on mothers is taking the attention away from them (or something like that) :P
      • Jillmz @blogdiva LOL I know I know!! lol
      • Jillmz @Jillmz but to be fair…. now… :) I don’t blog my momness a ton, but when solid feminist issues come up…and I throw in my perspective, which is as a mom (cuz I am one), I get some really hateful stuff back; we need to be helpful
      • Jillmz that’s the whole point of engaging: so we BUILD on our different perspectives, make the activism stronger, more universal
      • GloPan @Jillmz Ha! We need to be saints!
        • Jillmz @GloPan LOL You mean…we aren’t? :)
        • MadamaAmbi @GloPan maybe we need to teach/learn how to argue productively…
          • Tifanei @MadamaAmbi and isn’t strong rhetoric the key to everything
            • ktdagroovecat @Tifanei absolutely! can’t be afraid to talk about it, not with anyone. first step is always communication, i think
            • MadamaAmbi @Tifanei dunno. I didn’t study rhetoric, studied psychotherapy, drama, lit, voice
            • Jillmz some conversations w/potential allies regarding race have had to deal w/some of these issues of communication, yes?
            • Tifanei @MadamaAmbi well I am… and it is. In my opinion of course. It’s how any face of a movement did it.
            • MadamaAmbi @Tifanei I’m listening!
            • Tifanei @MadamaAmbi well it depends on which theory you want to consider. All the good ones use relativity to connect with anyone.
            • Tifanei the strongest, most influential argument. It’s the art of influential speech. How can you fail if you’ve mastered an art???
            • MadamaAmbi @Tifanei sounds reasonable. Can u recommend a book/text/resource to study?
    • MadamaAmbi @GloPan one at a time, relationship by relationship, creating connections across issues, cross-pollinating, what we R doing right here
    • Jillmz some of this goes back to how do we engage w/each other, communication, so we don’t talk past each other
    • myrnatheminx Women have to be courageous enough to jump into things regardless of level of “expertise” We talk ourselves out of things
    • Jillmz I was just looking over the sessions listed right now – it is AMBITIOUS!
    • terrizsoloceo @3keyscoach @blogdiva is doing a feminist conversation thing #fem2 I think!
    • GloPan Join Fem2pt0 Twittercast on Tweetchat, room #fem2
    • Tifanei You consider how the audience is going to interpret your message. You consider why they would have different interps and come up with
    • Jillmz fems, I need to turn in – getting excited for 2/2 thanks for engaging, letting me engage :)
    • GloPan @nerdette Yes, let’s end the Mommy Wars! #fem2
    • GloPan Thanks everyone. Same time next week: Why men should be feminists. And we can have one more nite before confrence. Ideas anyone?
    • dianamarie As much as I’m loving the #fem2 discussion it’s time to either work or hit the sack. Haven’t decided which, but either way… ‘night tweeps!

Why I’m going to Fem2pt0

On Monday, I’ll be at the Fem2pt0 conference in DC. While not quite an “unconference,” the “point” of the conference has been a little vague. But AAUW was a co-sponsor and it sounded interesting, so I signed up.

My background for the conference (which I guess I am thinking of as mix of web 2.0 and feminism) includes

  • Working on web minus 1 strategies for using technology to connect people since 1982.
  • Using web 1.0 strategies to connect feminists, in particular, since 1996
  • Using web 2.0 strategies for feminists and other organizations since 2005.
  • Supporting the NC Women United coalition with web/virtual office strategies since 2002 when the nonprofit that had been managing that organization’s projects lost its funding.

I’m a fan of WordPress and Facebook. I’m a twitter dropout (but for limited use of twitterfeed). I’ve been a noisy advocate for better use of technology at AAUW since 2001, and am currently serving as admin of the largest AAUW Facebook group which is about to pass 1000 members.

I hope to connect with new folks and learn new strategies to

  • promote AAUW’s mission and feminist goals
  • learn how to better use 2.0 strategies for fundraising
  • engage volunteers, particularly feminists (of all generations)
  • keep up with the whirlwind pace of new techniques that help us all share information without succumbing to information overload.

So, as you can see, I’m a “work on the plumbing” kind of person — not much feminist theory in my background, and I’ll let others do the heavy lifting of crafting positions that I’m glad to help publicize.

I’m looking forward to the day!