What’s next?

AAUW is more than two years into the new regime. Better financial controls, clearer focus for the disparate departments, some long-time friends are gone, new folks seem to be picking up the pieces. The future of branches is still unclear.

I’m posting here after the new website was launched?but while the new CRM is still under development.

It looks as if 2020-2021 will my year to take a break from all AAUW positions. (I expect to be very busy with other things between July 1 and November.) I’m posting here because I just realized it’s been 19 years since my first rant about AAUW IT. That work at the 2001 Convention was followed by membership in the Technology Usability Advisory Group, chaired by AAUW board member Betty Bayless (may she rest in peace) to provide member input during the initial roll out of the MPP/MSD.

While the degree requirement for membership has been a major issue for me since 2005, the IT infrastructure can still grab my attention.

So, as I walk away until 2021, we’ll see where we land if/when I come back.


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