This is Nancy Shoemaker’s blog about changes at AAUW. This started in 2007 when she was driving herself (and others) crazy thinking about the organization in many different ways. Energy has gone into other things since 2009, but the content survives as a history of the discussion. The latest effort in 2018 to drop the degree requirement for membership was a demonstration that many don’t understand the depth of the opposition to that change. At least part of me hopes the organization survives to finally live its principles.

Nancy’s other AAUW Tech projects:

  • OpenUpAAUW.org, current “main” AAUW project
    • It is the successor to a 2005 effort which used Openup.BBVX.org to support the 2005 change to the degree requirement for AAUW membership

These projects are archived — many links no longer work and email addresses need to be changed to Nancy’s current address: nancy.e.shoemaker@gmail.com.

  • BBVX.org, one step beyond (get it?).This domain? has? hosted a number of projects (besides this one). The following are no longer maintained.
    • Election 2009 Voter Guide – for the AAUW 2009 elections
    • BBVX Tech Blog, active from 2005 to earlier 2007
    • BBVX Wiki, a collection of items that just don’t “fit” or haven’t been posted on www.aauw.org. The hoped for collaboration with other members just hasn’t happened.
  • IT2001 campaign to encourage looking at technology in AAUW from a strategic point of view. There were occasional updates in the early 2000’s. This link goes to the Archive.org version.

And if you’re looking for the web bio that Nancy first put up in the mid 90s, that disappeared (along with the IT2001 campaign) when the free hosting (Mindspring) pulled the plug. She may pull it back from the archives, but in the meantime, find her on Facebook.


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