AAUW NC annual meeting

See the AAUW NC web site for details.

I’ll be interested in

  • Board meeting and annual meeting discussion of the new structure
  • Discussion of who’s going to step up to volunteer for AAUW NC
  • Tar Heel branch annual meeting — I’ll present the finance report and greet new board members as the branch president-elect.
  • Tar Heel branch “poster session” — we’ll have a virtual tour of the branch communication methods

$tart $mart workshop

I’m looking forward to a (refresher) $tart $mart facilitator training tomorrow that will include observing a $tart $mart workshop that trains college students (particularly women) to negotiate a first salary.

The workshops are a project of the WAGE Project (WAGE => Women Are Getting Even) in collaboration with AAUW since spring of 2009.

For more info, see www.wageproject.org and www.aauw.org

AAUW Webmanagers’ 10th annivesary gathering

The AAUW webmanagers’ listserve was established after the 1999 convention (where I did a workshop with the first AAUW webmanager — see June 1999 entry.)

It looks as if this group will get together in St. Louis for lunch, on Friday, June 26.

For details, twitter to “d nes49” or check the Facebook group for the convention. We’d hope to be in the official program, but one never knows…

[This conflicts with the legacy circle lunch and the Patsy Mink documentary — but hopefully, this will all be ok.]