New web site

There was a kerfuffle today on the Social Media Page and the Social Media Strategy Group about not using the new logo until “approved” versions are available. I guess I did expect that versions suitable for social media profiles (e.g. square) would be among those released early. A date in “March” will suffice — but better staff oversight of what’s happening in the member conversations in social media might have headed off some wasted effort.

Anyway, if anyone’s listening, here’s a list of issues I’ve seen with the new web site: Continue reading

WordPress as a CMS? Bah, humbug – but there’s hope!

I’ve been using WordPress as a website platform since 2006. At the 2007 NTC, I was carrying around my yellow WordPress messenger bag (note – even before the W logo was standardized) and tried to start a BOF session on “WordPress as a CMS” – no takers.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday’s WordCamp San Francisco that I partially attended via live stream. There is still a *really* strong bias towards WordPress as a blog platform. And that’s fine. That’s what Matt uses it for (adding pages and image galleries to a blog do not a CMS make) and I’m sure that’s a large part of its popularity — essentially single user, expository platforms. Continue reading

AAUW NV Convention

I’ll be attending the AAUW NV convention as a member of the AAUW Leadership Corps. They are looking at creating a virtual branch, and I’ll be talking about the Tar Heel branch experience, contrasting that with CA Online, and helping them address the questions of

  • What would a virtual branch be expected to accomplish?
  • Who would need to be involved in the project?
  • What best practices have emerged that Nevada can pick up?

[I’ve heard that the AAUW Membership committee is working on that last question — or something similar — but I haven’t had any direct contact with them.]

I’m also looking forward to attending the AAUW Action Fund training for Nevada as an impact grant state.