Twitter *still* makes my head hurt

Okay. Found it. The “track” command — see this list of twitter commands

Sounds good, right? Follow the hashtag #aauw or #08NTC and we’re done.

So I test. And nothing. Nada.

More research. Turns out that’s not the only list of twitter commands — but it may have been an early one that prompted this at Ah, there’s the rub. Only works with IM and phone, and I’m using the TwitterFox extension to read the tweets.


If I want to follow #aauw on my computer, I can do it through RSS or I can climb another learning curve and get onto IM. [Eeks. “Talk” was deemed evil back in the 80’s. Can I overcome my resistance??]

Or do I go back and reinstate the unlimited text on the phone that I had during Phoenix?


1 thought on “Twitter *still* makes my head hurt

  1. PS: While you’re testing “track” do NOT “track obama” before you realize all that stuff will come to your phone … (which was off …). Thanks to Irving at Alltel for saving my credit rating.

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