Still trying to wrap my head around twitter

Okay, here’s what feels like a Rube Goldberg method for members of a group to share info via twitter without following each other and without needing the web to read the tweets.

  • Go to and click follow
  • Post a message with an the agreed upon tag, preceded by the # symbol (called a “hash” in some dialects). An example:

Exec director interview to air on CNN tonight at 9:15 ET #myorg

  • Go to and get the RSS feed address for the hashtag — probably something like

Looks good in theory — hangup is that feedblitz complains that the twitter account name isn’t formatted as an e-mail address. Anyone see what I’m doing wrong or have an alternate strategy?

And there are several things I haven’t thought through … What’s the risk of a spammer glomming onto the tag? How do I separate some tags for special handling (i.e. send to the phone, not just the web). [Maybe take the RSS feed, connect it to a special twitter account and watch that?? Ouch.]

1 thought on “Still trying to wrap my head around twitter

  1. This needs an update. The site provides a native RSS feed on the hashtag.

    I still haven’t found a good way to send specific tags to the phone.

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