Interesting, if not completely successful, experiment with twitter

The previous post talked about the tweets appearing in the sidebar, but sometime before Convention, I moved them to a separate page, that you can find in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

We didn’t do a good job of advertising this (ask me over a beer about the failed strategies), but a couple of us did post from a cell phone or blackberry to the web from the Convention Center.

One characteristic of the postings is that they are “transient” — that page is probably empty now.

We also had a technical glitch on Sunday/Monday that meant the “real-time” tweets from the convention floor (on the bylaws changes and the public policy debate) were lost in cyber-space somewhere. But it was a start.

Perhaps with the leadership meetings tentatively planned for next summer we’ll be able to exchange information among the different venues — and allow the folks “back home” to get the flavor of the event even if their schedules prevent them from attending.

Here are a few examples of what you would have seen if you’d gone to that “tweets” page or to the page during the convention.


3 thoughts on “Interesting, if not completely successful, experiment with twitter

  1. I called my cell phone service to take off the text messaging subscription… We’ll see what happens for the *next* meeting …

  2. Twitter has dropped support for the “with friends” feature. However, since @aauw has started tweeting, perhaps we’ll have a chance to make twitter part of the St. Louis convention. I’ll be looking into “” for some things…

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