What’s a “tweet”?

You may have noticed the new section at the bottom of the sidebar: Tweets.

I’m experimenting with twitter.com as a backup plan for posting information from the AAUW Convention at the end of the month. The idea of Twitter is “micro-blogging” — the posts are limited to 140 characters, but that’s enough to say things like “look for the video of the plenary session — it was great” or “the bylaws change #1 passed” or …

Twitter can accept messages from the web or, here’s the key part, from cell phone text messages. If we can find a group of “twitterers” we can let folks know how to sign up for the “tweets” — or they can be posted (through an RSS feed) on various AAUW sites around the country.

Cell phones can be set up to send e-mail, but getting the blog software to read that e-mail (and, say, separate out the sender and the subject from the body and the pictures) is more complicated than posting a one-line message. We may get to that point, too — but at the rate my thumbs are learning text messages it’s not going to be for this Convention. Other more accomplished users of their cell phones are welcome to holler at me.

Stay tuned.

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