Branch certification

Would it be possible to come up with a process to “certify” branches? Initial thoughts –

  • Branch would demonstrate commitment to mission appropriate for its size and its community
  • Branch would demonstrate technology expertise to allow Association to make assumptions about how it can deliver information to the branch.
  • Financial reports in a standard form

Would phasing this in over, say, five years be possible? Would it make sense to charge a per-branch fee to those who cannot receive information electronically? Who, exactly would administer this? Who would “sell” it to the branches?

1 thought on “Branch certification

  1. Idea from the American Society for Quality. They ask the same 29 questions of all their members each year and then provide the chapters with a scorecard on how they’re doing relative to others across the country. Questions include “overall satisfaction,” “value for the $”. Compare to our “branch recognition” process that puts the branches in the position of trying to “please” the Association and the national leaders. Wouldn’t we be better off if we had metrics on how well the branch is doing in trying to “please” its members?

    Of course their chapters may be much larger than ours and less amenable to gaming the vote to make friends look better.

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