The recent FastCompany mentioned, and that led to an interesting half hour of experimentation … The site takes up to five domain names and builds a graph showing their web traffic.,,,, — interesting to see all the traffic is fairly low, but LWV had an enormous spike around the election.,, (easy sign-up blogging platforms) — WordPress is overtaking TypePad, but Blogger is much larger than the two combined.,,,, (content management systems that may be appropriate for branch/state web sites) – Joomla has consistently the most traffic, except for a WordPress spike shortly after the release of WordPress 2.1 in January. Drupal and WordPress run neck and neck, but all three are the same order of magnitude. Mambo and Plone were in the pack until mid-2006, when, if you can believe the graphs really say anything, the other three took off while they’ve gradually declined to an order of magnitude less traffic. Now for open source software, web site traffic can be a measure of the size and engagement of the community, so Joomla may be worth another look., (both kinda “corporate” networking sites) vs. and — MySpace is far and away the winner. My impression of LinkedIn as “MySpace for grownups” may be misleading since MySpace also has blog and web-building features, so the comparisons here may not really be fair.

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