Thank you, NTEN!

I’m still absorbing the full impact of Thursday’s presentation at the NTEN Member Reception. Since I was off site at the NTEN Day of Service (see the 4/8 posts for my picturesall tweets, or the NTEN site for more about that), I thank Judy Hallman for picking up the award for me.

The award is lovely, but what I’m still having trouble getting my head around having my name on the following list on the last page of the conference program:

— my name on a list that starts with Beth Kanter, ends with TechSoup Global, with many other luminaries in the mix.

I’ve been a member of many professional organizations over the years, and I know how hard a relatively small group works to make any organization run. I’ve never given that level of service to NTEN, but I suppose that “voting with my membership” and trying to use the information that I receive for the benefit of my contacts does count for something. I encourage you all to check out NTEN, its resources and programs.

If you’ve any interest in how technology can benefit the nonprofit organizations of the world, join us!

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