Women who helped get us here #wmnhist

This isn’t really “women’s history” and it doesn’t fit in 140 characters, so I’m posting here instead of on twitter (and its women’s history Wednesdays).

However, with recent posts about “where are the women?” in the tech discussions in general and the fortieth anniversary of the Internet in particular, I just want to list some of the women who’ve been beacons during my journey through the open source world.

My role has always been on the support/administration, not the coding, side of the world. I’d like to give a shout to these women who were important leaders in that area than more than 20 years ago. [Check Google or USENIX archives for details of their contributions, many in areas that were not visible to me,  and “where they are now”.]

  • Evi Nemeth
  • Debbie Scherrer
  • Elizabeth Zwicky

Who would you add to that list? or put on a list of “women tech leaders” in a field that’s important to you?

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