Finding me …

The links at the bottom of the left hand column are provided so you can find me on twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. I’d inadvertently tightened the security of my Facebook account so those who weren’t already in my network (friends of friends) couldn’t use that link to find me. I’ve partially corrected that — but it turns out that widget is not working for some reason in Internet Explorer.

So if you want to find me on Facebook, use for now. I’ll check into the IE problem later.

2 thoughts on “Finding me …

  1. Rachel pointed out that my Facebook badge still wasn’t working. I checked and it seemed to be a problem with IE (worked fine in Firefox). So I updated it, and it’s still not working in IE — looks like a link, but doesn’t go anywhere when clicked.

    Another problem is that Facebook says is “not found” unless you try AFTER you’ve logged in to Facebook.

    Finally, I still don’t have my privacy settings right for what I want folks to see when they go to my profile but aren’t my friend. Sigh…

  2. Okay, one more tweak seems to have helped the “not found” problem. I changed my search options to “create” a public profile (which I thought was there all along). So now I think I *can* be found at I finally registered as well … [Thanks to @womennc for the prompt to remind me it no longer takes 1000 followers to get a facebook URL for a fan page.]

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