Okay, I hate robocalls as much as the next person, but I just became aware of the service Simple Blast – an affordable way to send a recorded message to phone numbers.

Since the community I serve includes many without Internet access, I’m wondering if this would be a welcome option. Years ago, we maintained “dial a message” accounts, and people could call in to get updates. That’s still possible, of course, but puts the motivation on the individuals which is problematic, especially if the news isn’t distributed on a relatively frequent, regular schedule.

  • So what applications would you see for this kind of service? Reminders on meetings? Public policy alerts? General e-newsletter summaries?
  • What opt-in procedures would you use before putting someone on a call list?
  • How large would the list be before you’d be tempted to use this service (rather than spending the time to make the much more welcome personal calls)?
  • What other questions should be considered before using such a service?

Thanks, all! Facebook and comments are welcome.

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