Maybe I’ll get my life back

Hmm… I understand it’s hard to predict what the specific requirements will be for volunteers with AAUW after the new bylaws pass in June, 2009. But I really don’t think the application form that’s just been released will help populate whatever positions the new board and the staff will craft to support the new organization.

The information that’s requested:

  • which of this long list of skills do you have (and how do you rank yourself, expert to novice)
  • which of this long list of career fields have you worked in (and at what level, admin to exec)
  • your resume (with no prompts about how to make that particularly relevant to an AAUW recruiting team)

My guess is that at some point the folks who are responsible for AAUW tasks that could leverage volunteer efforts will decide

  • It’s not worth it. Let the board set policy and the staff implement it. The other volunteers can get on with their lives working on local issues (which is what 99% of them do anyway).
  • Folks will try to use the data collected in this form, realize it’s a losing battle and fall back on personal networks. Maybe I’ll be on someone’s radar screen. Maybe not.
  • Someone will come up with a form that will be helpful — as well as a sample list of tasks that will help match volunteers in a specific, time-limited, skills-appropriate way. Maybe I’ll see it and apply. Maybe not.

Full disclosure: I did see drafts of this form and, working with others, tried to improve it. The powers that be obviously disagreed with the direction of my suggestions, so if this works for other people, great.

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