I’m not usually paranoid, but..

A couple of things this election season have me a wondering what’s going on beneath the surface.

I made a political donation through a 527 organization last week and got a call from CitiBank wondering about the “unusual activity on my credit card.” Not life threatening of course — but in some households it might have been cause for concern. Did the particular target of the donation make a difference here? [It certainly wasn’t the amount of the donation, more’s the pity.]

News this morning about an increase in traffic fatalities on election day (e.g. article from news.health.com which gives source as a letter in Oct. 1 Journal of American Medical Association — I can’t find original source). Now encouraging safe driving is always a good thing — but the timing of the announcement? How will it affect efforts to help people get to the polls?

As I said, I’m not usually paranoid… Anyone else seeing an uptick in weirdness?

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