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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my list of Facebook applications… One quick note on

Having the items you bookmark show up in your minifeed (old Facebook) or on your Wall (new Facebook) is a quick way to share your interests with your Facebook friends. There are applications, but they end up putting the links on the “boxes” tab — they can be found by someone poking around for information about you, but they won’t (I think) show up on your friends’ news feeds.

It turns out that the new Facebook interface ( if you haven’t tried it yet) has a built in way to put links on your wall.

  • Click your name in the upper left to get to your profile
  • Find the menu item “Settings” near the top (to the right of the menu items “All Posts”, “Posts by You”, “Posts by Others”
  • Click the icon in the “Imported Stories” section.
  • Enter your user name, and you’re done.

Note that there’s no need to enter your password – only your public links will be pulled into your Facebook profile.

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