PowerPoint for Finance section of Leadership DVD?

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 12:59:23 -0400
To: allfinance@aauw.org

I’m reviewing the Leadership Development DVD in preparation for the April 19 AAUW NC Convention.

I can see that module 7 of the DVD, Financial Accountability, would lend itself to a webinar format, particularly for incoming branch presidents and finance officers.

o Could you send me (or post) the PowerPoint for that presentation?
o Is this module going to be available from the web by mid-May?

With the PowerPoint, I’d hope to be able to do at least an audio version of the presentation to a group of AAUW NC officers via webinar. I think most folks would need the notes of the slides to be able to internalize the information — and I didn’t find that content on the accompanying CD. If the info is available as notes, rather than PowerPoint, I think it would be a good supplement to an online version of the DVD module.



3 thoughts on “PowerPoint for Finance section of Leadership DVD?

  1. From Kate Farrar, 5/8:

    Re: providing video or audio of certain modules, as you mentioned, this
    could work for select ones. We will be reviewing our evaluations for the
    DVD over the next few weeks and will consider this as a part of our
    ongoing next steps to improve its use. From this current timeline, I
    would propose that we will will be able to post certain modules in June.

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