More on Facebook pages

In the previous post, I said

Groups offer “news”, “posted items” and “related groups” that don’t seem to have comparable features in “pages”.

Well, that’s not quite right. It seems that Facebook is moving in the direction of allowing folks to add applications to pages, not just individual profiles. In particular, the “Posted Items” application can be added and works well.

There are still major hurdles:

  • While you can browse through the applications that are appropriate for pages, any attempt to search sends you back to the apps appropriate for individual pages, so you have to click the application to see if it has the new “install this on a page” button.
  • Even if you do select to install the app on a page 3 or 4 of the ones I tried, ended up putting the new content on my profile, not on the page I was trying to edit. Maybe user error, but another savvy facebooker had the same problem, so at a minimum it’s a poor user interface. If anyone dopes this out, let me know.
  • Several Facebook-created apps are available for pages, but I did a complete sweep and didn’t see the Notes application (which would allow importing news from an external blog) or any other way to import from an RSS feed. I’ll ask the Facebook powers that be about that, but they don’t seem too sympathetic to that problem. [It’s not just “what’s in Facebook stays in Facebook” but also “if it wasn’t created in Facebook, why do you even care?”.]

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