Yet another steep hill…

Okay, so part of the problem is the vast majority of AAUW members just don’t “get” this. I’ve talked to dozens, if not hundreds, over the years since the IT 2001 campaign, and can’t really name more than 10 who understand that “sending an e-mail with an attachment” is not the pinnacle of electronic communication.

I put up my first web page in 1993. I really thought that communicating on the web was going to be as swift a transition as the PC taking over word processing. Okay, granted, it’s only been in the last couple of years that things like Google docs and blogs have made “putting info out for all the world to see” have made that publishing accessible. But still.

Back in 2001, Jackie Woods hallucinated that I was going to find a way to train all the members in tech issues. [See interview transcript.] Aside from the fact that I just didn’t want to do that (and she wasn’t suggesting she’d *pay* me for it, so what I wanted ruled), it just seemed unwise. There are dozens of “how to use your computer” resources in every community. Our “lifelong learning” thrust should have allowed us to urge our members to take advantage of them.

Recently, I’ve been hallucinating that AAUW is going to come up with a skills checklist and a way to have each branch show that they’ve got at least one member who can pull them into the new age. [See the blog’s training wish list and the aauwtech tags at for possible topics that would need to be shaped into a curriculum.]

Anyone else interested in pulling that together? I’m, frankly, about at the point where I’m not willing to do it as a volunteer…

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