Notes on the AAUW logo

The AAUW folks over at MySpace have posted a note about the AAUW logo. It was convenient that the Leadership and Training Institute was formed about the time that the Legal Advocacy Fund was folded into the Educational Foundation so that the “3 corporations” symbolism in the logo could be maintained. With the restructuring proposed at the national level and to be voted upon at the convention in Phoenix, we will become, for all intents and purposes, a single corporation, so a new logo will, I guess, be in order. Graphics designers, put on your thinking caps! There are rumblings, too, of a new name. What do you think of just “AAUW” (i.e. no longer an acronym, just a word by itself — like AARP). Other suggestions?

This post is mainly to check to see if MySpace does anything intelligent with a trackback from another blog. My prediction is “no,” but I thought I’d check.

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