Interactivity at a distance

My theme this week may be “teamwork” – how do we encourage it, support it, reward it, take advantage of it?

A prompt is the fact that the Organizational Structure and Governance Task Force, three months after its announcement, still has not gelled or produced any concrete recommendations. There’s hope, of course, but given conference calls where a few people dominate and there’s no real focus other than walking through an agenda, gives me pause. Another is a “conversation” on the AAUW CA Online list about streamlining the AAUW CA board where someone raised a concern as to whether the smaller board would have enough folks to do the work. Our common practice of “working boards” with less support for “off board contributors,” does, I think, need to change.
One seminar that might provide food for thought: Increasing Interactivity in Webinars, 1pm ET, April 22, sponsored by the STC Instructional Design and Learning SIG. I’m unlikely to attend, but let me know if you do. Registration and more info. While the topic may seem narrow, how to engage those at a distance is a key issue for us moving forward.

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