Web 2.0 and AAUW

From a discussion of Web 2.0 on the NTEN discussion list, Beth Kanter referred to this post that described the use of a card game to have a community discuss various Web 2.0 tools (leave aside for a moment what that means). Now I met David Wilcox several years ago (through Terry Grunwald and RTPnet) and saw their version of the game for community technology issues, and I’ve recently connected with Beth Kanter (the co-presenter of this game) through another NTEN list.

If you’re wondering about how to introduce Web 2.0 tools (or if you even just want a list of what some of them are), take a look at the game. It might make for an interesting workshop — though I expect it’d need to be a carefully recruited audience.

On another note, as one of the commenters said, one needs to be careful about putting the tools first, instead of defining the problems that the tools might solve. But I find myself spending a lot of time trying to get across “what’s possible” — getting from where we are to where we need to be will require big shifts, and part of the shift will be increased fluency with a number of tools so that it’s increasingly common to choose the right one naturally to solve whatever problem is at hand.

Workshop in 2008, anyone?

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